"BATTLE OF BRITAIN" - CF-18 761 - close up of the tail art of the 2015 CF-18 Hornet demo jet.


March 27, 2015 -

Today the RCAF unveiled the 2015 CF-18 Hornet Demo jet. This year the team is commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Battle Britain. Mr Jim Beliveau and his paint team have come up with another fantastic design - this jet will be the highlight on the North American airshow circuit without a doubt! Thanks to Richard Girouard for sharing these photos that were shot earlier today.

March 25, 2015 -

The US NAVY and USMC operate the F-5E Tiger in the Adversary role, known as Red Air during exercises, they fly as the "bad guys" and simulate tactics used by opposing forces.

March 10, 2015 -

The AV-8B Harrier page has now been updated with new photos from MCAS Yuma and NAS El Centro.

March 7, 2015 -

Continuing focus on the US Marines, the F/A-18 Hornet page is now up featuring many photos of the ATARS equipped Hornet used only by the USMC.

February 25, 2015 -

New page with images of the USMC MV-22 Osprey. A unique tilt rotor asset operated by the US Marines and replacing the aging CH-46 Sea Knight.

December 7, 2014 -

Jan Westendorp covered Aviation Nation 2014 at Nellis AFB, find over 60 awesome photos from one of the largest air shows in North America this year. This show also serves as the last show of the season for the home based USAF Thunderbirds.

October 10, 2014 -

A new documentary is now in production, covering the MK35 Mosquito, the only flying example in Canada and second in the world. The doc will cover the early stages of restoration in 2009 to it's first flight and first public appearance at the 2014 Abbotsford Airshow. This BluRay will be a must for any aviation enthusiast. Click the link above to get more info

October 3, 2014 -

Kleine-Brogel AB hosted the Belgian Air Force Days on September 13-14. A highlight of the show was the sunset displays by the RAF Red Arrows. Jan Westendorp was at the show to cover all the action.

September 22, 2014 -

The Swiss AF held an amazing airshow for two weekends celebrating their 100 Years of service. Two pages with more than 80 photos from Jan Westendorp now posted!

July 28, 2014 -

The largest military airshow wrapped last week, Jan Westendorp was at RIAT during the Saturday show and captured some great shots. Over 125 images in total!!

July 6, 2014 -

The controversial F-35 Joint Strike Fighter has been a hot topic in the media since its first flight. The United States Marine Corps fly the F-35B variant, it will replace the again AV-8B Harrier one day but as of this posting, the F-35 Lightning II fleet is once again grounded.

June 30, 2014 -

The annual NATO TIGER MEET has just wrapped up! Jan Westendorp was there to cover all the action from this weeks Spotters Day.

June 8, 2014 -

Action from Rainbow Canyon, located to the west of Death Valley. The pilots have named it "STAR WARS CANYON", aircraft from Edwards AFB, NAS Lemoore and NAS China Lake are frequent visitors to this Death Star trench run This is one of the best spots in the world to photograph low level military ops!

June 8, 2014 -

Over 50 photos from NAF El Centro, AV-8B Harriers, F-18's, T-45 Goshawks, F-35 Lightning II, Cobra's, RAF Chinook to name just a few of the aircraft photographed!

May 11, 2014 -

The 2014 CF-18 Hornet Demo team has completed its annual Spring Training at CFB Comox and ready to hit the airshow circuit. This year the team will perform in Canada, the US, Belgium and Switzerland. Painted in a beautiful blue scheme with RCAF motifs that reflect 90 Years of the RCAF. Of special note, this particular jet has had two pilots eject safely from it (both runway incidents) and prior to this paint scheme was the Nighthawks specially painted Hornet sometimes referred to as Nightmare 01.

May 11, 2014 -

New page covering the Snowbirds Spring Training. This year the team has a new "Boss", Major Patrick "Paco" Gobeil, some may remember as the 2012 CF-18 demo pilot.

February 19, 2014 -

Update to the Royal Air Force FGR4 Typhoon page!

February 12, 2014 -

New update to the F-22 Raptor page now up including great photos during operations from the runway at Nellis AFB during 2011!

February 11, 2014 -

New page covering the USAF B-2 "SPIRIT", also known as the Stealth Bomber. Capable of flying anywhere in the world nonstop to drop ordnance and being undetectable to radar, these machines are truly awesome.

February 10, 2014 -

Update to the CT-155 Hawk page. Flying with the NFTC - Nato Flight Training in Canada, these Hawks prepares future fast jet pilots before graduating to aircraft like the F-18 Hornet or F-16 Viper.

December 24, 2013 -

Massive update to the EA-6B PROWLER page. Four pages now uploaded full of US NAVY and MARINE Prowlers!

December 23, 2013 -

More updates to the US NAVY/MARINES page. The P-3 ORION page now updated with many never before seen images!

December 18, 2013 -

The U.S. Navy F/A-18 HORNET page is now updated with new photos! Many action shots taken on the runway at NAF El Centro!

December 6, 2013 -

The T-45C Goshawk page is now up! Some rare action photos highlighted of this colourful trainer.

December 3, 2013 -

A new page of the iconic F-14 Tomcat. Retired in 2005, this jet a favourite of many and a star at any airshow it performed. Many of the photos have never been posted till now, thanks to Jan Westendorp to sharing some of his great Tomcat photos!

December 3, 2013 -

New page covering the U.S. Navy and Marine C-130 Hercules!

December 1, 2013 -

New photos of the CC-115 Buffalo added to the page, some a recent as last week.

December 1, 2013 -

New photos of the CP-140 Aurora to the page, including images from it's first public appearance at Comox.

November 13, 2013 -

I have updated the F-4 PHANTOM page. Within these pages you will see images from the various operators around the world, including some of the many special paint schemes applied to the iconic Phantom! As well as some old images that are published for the first time on the site.

October 4, 2013 -

While covering RED FLAG 13-3 back in January, as it usually does, Exercise Green Flag was being conducted. With A-10C from Davis Monthan, F-16's from Nellis and Mirage 2000-9 from the UAE, they conducted air to ground missions twice a day with air refueling support coming from USAF KC-135 tankers.

September 9, 2013 -

UPDATE! Jan Westendorp brings us images from the fantastic airshow at Kecskemet AB, Hungary. Performers included the Russian Kinghts and Turkish Stars among many more rare displays! All photos now up, more than 100 images to enjoy!!

August 19, 2013 -

After an eight year hiatus, the Comox Airshow returned to 19 Wing CFB Comox. The one day show was a huge success with thousands of aviation fans enjoying ideal airshow weather and a terrific show! Over 100 photos now up on the site!

August 11, 2013 -

RIAT 2013 has wrapped up, the largest military airshow was smaller than previous years but still was able to have an impressive line up. Jan Westendorp has a photos of all the action.

August 1, 2013 -

The Snowbirds performed over the harbour in Nanaimo on July 31st. Flying in support of the C.H.I.L.D. Foundation, a charity that is focused on improving the health care of ill children with Crohn's Disease, ulcerative colitis and liver disorders. Each year the team flies a show in B.C. to support C.H.I.L.D., the last time the team flew in Nanaimo was 2009.

July 24, 2013 -

Volkel AB in the Netherlands held an impressive show a few weeks ago. Celebrating 100 years of flight, Jan Westendorp was there covering all the action with a very great variety of perfomers. First 50 photos now up!

July 8, 2013 -

Germany held a celebration to say send off their F-4F Phantom. Special markings applied to many Phantoms for this sad occasion. Thanks again to our European contributor, Jan Westendorp captured some fantastic photos of this historic event.

May 28, 2013 -

Exercise TRIDENT FURY wrapped up two weeks ago. I have over 40 images of the paricipating aircraft that were operating out of 19 Wing Comox.

May 13, 2013 -

The RCAF Snowbirds completed their annual Spring Training two weeks ago. Flying twice a day at CFB Comox,they honed their skills for the upcoming airshow season.

May 1, 2013 -

The 2013 CF-18 Hornet Team just completed their annual Spring Training at 19 Wing Comox. A new page with over 25 photos of the only fast jet demo in North America this year.

March 28, 2013 -

A new page from Spotting at NAS North Island, San Diego...possibly the nicest place to spot in the world, beautiful sun, sand and beach! During a few hours in October, Mark Munzel and myself photographed several home unit Seahawks, Greyhounds and deployed aircraft including USMC Harriers, USN Hornets, USN Hercules and more!

March 12, 2013 -

RED FLAG 13-3.

November 26, 2012 -

MCAS Yuma, Arizona hosts biannually the Weapons and Tactics Intructor course, where all units from the US Marine Corps train together to hone their skills. Page 2 is now up!

November 26, 2012 -

I spent three days at NAF El Centro last week shooting the various units training, the amount of activity was a photographers dream. Flying starts at 0700 and continues till after sunset with F-18C/D Hornets, Super Hornets,T-45 Goshawks, CH-46 Sea Knights, EA-6B Prowlers, UH-60 Blackhawks, RAF Merlin and Lynx helos all flying in superb warm weather and blue skies. Visitors included a C-2 Greyhound and several Marine C-130J Hercules. PAGE 3 NOW UP! Over 120 photos of action no up!!

Aircraft of the Can...
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